In Wayside I wanted to explore fictionalized impressions of living alone on the countryside for 2 years.

The Wayside, or “the edge of the road”, is, funnily enough, where most of these pictures were taken.

It was quite fitting to my situation back then, because I was sort of taking a break from the road in life I was taking and found myself on that wayside. 

There you go.

Technical Specifications.
12 x 6 cm Large Format Analogue Photographs
Inkjet Print mounted on Cardboard, 120 x 60 cm, 
Deer John 110 x 85 cm
Custom Wooden Frames with Glass
Series  of 3 + 2 AP



Breakfast with Ferns


The Far

Recreational Field

The Wizard

Deer John

Reprographies of a few works from Wayside. (Originals and Small Prints)