born 1995 in Vienna.

Currently studying Fine Art Photography ( Klasse Gabriele Rothemann)at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Artist Statement

Carlo’s interdisciplinary work includes large format photography, 3D renderings, and sculpture. Through humor and exploration of human behavior, he delves into the motives behind our actions. Collaboration is integral, as he incorporates people. His projects often focus on the artistic process, from impulse to creation, shaping introspective work that reflects on the nature of creation in our lives.


2023 EIKON Magazine #122, Article about “Suddenly this Balance”
     by Katharina Manojlovic LINK

Selected Exhibitions

2018 Biosphere, Improper Walls, Vienna
2020 Wayside, Oxymoron Galerie, Vienna
2021 CAPTCHA, KAH Kitchen, Vienna
2023 The Lying Lens, Eikon Schauraum, MQ
2023 captcha, Kollektiv Kaorle

2019 Parallel Vienna
2019 Farewell, you beloved piece of Art, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, Vienna
2020 SIAF – art fair, Salzburg
2021 Parallel Editions

2020 Asphalt Gallery, in Trucks all over Vienna
2021 Delay, Zacherlfabrik, Vienna
2022 Stones in a Glass House, Foto Wien, Vienna
2022 Angewandte Festival
2023 Better Together, Angewandte Festival


2023 Tiny Art Run, created and curated by Carlo Zappella, Angewandte Festival


2022 Talk at the Blender Conference ( BCON 22) “Planning Artworks and Exhibitions” – Youtube Link

Short Films

2014 Road (vimeo link) 5 min
2019 Nächtliches Gespräch mit einem verachteten Menschen 30 min


Mail: carlo #at# zappella #dot# art
Mastodon: @carlo@mastodon.art
Instagram: @carlo.zappella

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