captcha at Kollektiv Kaorle


These are the pictures from my solo show “captcha” at @kollektiv_kaorle

Captcha asks whether we are not all already wired.
As we witness the blurring of lines between reality and model, _captcha_ compels us to reflect on our own perceptions, reminding us that the boundaries we once considered fixed and immutable are malleable and subject to our own creative reinterpretations.


A computer generated clown comes out of a cave to see daylight, real individuals are 3D scanned and put into a wimmelbild. In virtual reality, the same scanned individuals inhabit the synthetic worlds in which these digital images are created.

Sculptures out of paper and polyceramic represent models of the digital models in the pictures.

In a photograph we see a physical model, crafted through 3D graphics, printed on paper, and folded into models, echoing the art of UV unwrapping in 3D design.

finally, we can play a sandbox videogame in which all of the above come together – we are invited to enter the virtual worlds and play with them.