We live in the physical world, but, in recent years, we are also partially living in a digital one, at least for some time of the day. I usually photograph in the real one, but with the power of 3D Computer Graphics, I can make my own worlds and photograph in them.

CAPTCHA is a very meta body of work with equally elaborate physical and digital pieces. Works are hanging on the wall, through a VR Headset, or your own phone, you can look at their digital coun-terparts, which feature digital avatars of me and my fictional crew on the fictional sets.

inkjet print on Hahnemühle Photo Gloss Baryta
60,5 x 140,5 x 5 cm r=10cm
custom aluminium shadow gap frame, painted
18K blender cycles render

digital file, tif / jpg
360 Mono/Stereo Photospheres
12K Blender Cycles Render
polyceramic 3D prints
paper, folded

Uncertain Times

Uncertain Times VR Behind the Scenes

The Clown is Dark

The Clown is Dark VR Behind the Scenes

Clown and Carlo Sculptures

The Demon inside the Machine

The Demon VR Behind the Scenes

Green Dreams

Clown and Carlo Sculptures

Disappointed Billionaire Space Colony
(Down to Earth)

Demon Pod AR Sculpture

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