Photo Series, 2019
Inkjet Prints on Hahnemühle Paper
Custom Wooden Frames with Glass
3 + 2 AP


Someone looking for ideas is exploring an unknown World. The aether of her possibilities. Prior, she forcefully tried to develop new ideas, but did not succeed. She missed her train of thought, but started something new.

This journey is shown in the series.


The Suit acts as a metaphorical filter towards the outer world.


The nature settings portray the aforementioned aether of possibilities. The seemingly endless fractal complexity show the seemingly endless possibilities of creation. whew.

Biosphere No. 01
Biosphere No.02
Biosphere No. 03
Biosphere No. 04
Biosphere No. 05
Biosphere No. 06
Biosphere No. 07
Biosphere No. 09
Biosphere No. 10

Impressions from when I exhibited the Series at Improper Walls Gallery.

Photographs by Niko Havranek