Tiny Art Run

Tiny Art Run is a remote-controlled art transport box race on a track
created by students from die Angewandte. The track starts from the first moment of wanting
to create art and ends at Tiny Art Basel. Up to four visitors can drive simultaneously and customize the box with their own lettering.

Wanna build a part of the track?

Email me at carlo@carlozappella.com with the subject Art Run.

The Track

There are two options:
01 given track piece (about 120 cm x 40 cm)
02 custom track piece (this could be anything)

01 given track piece:
These are just quick CAD Drawings – if you have a better idea for the given track parts, please tell me about it.

02 custom track piece:
this could be anything.

The Transport Box

You can also bring your own vehicle or design your own art transport box as long as it fits on the track.