Tiny Art Run

I am looking for students of die Angewandte to build track sections for “Tiny Art Run” at VZA 7 during the Angewandte Festival.

Wanna join the project and build a part of the track?
Either write me an Email or DM me on instagram (@carlo.zappella)

Some Guidelines:

  • It doesn’t need to be a super elaborate thing – it just needs to be something you feel comfortable with exhibiting and something that’s interesting to drive over.
  • It can also be an existing artwork or small model or whatever
  • It can be as simple as a board that you drew on.
  • You can look at Youtube Videos to get inspirations for RC Crawling tracks.
  • You can also think outside of the box and do something completely wild.


First Meeting of Participants (if you can’t make it we’ll figure sth out)
13:00 Angewandte Innenhof
– presentation of ideas
– possibility to test creations

Pickup of given Track Pieces
13:00 Fine Art Photography Department (OKP, 3.Floor)

Second Meeting
15:00 Fine Art Photo Department

Beginning of Installation at VZA 7 Atrium.                

27.06. – 30.06.
Exhibition at VZA 7 during Angewandte Festival

You can always call or text me if you have any questions or get lost (+43 677 617 357 56)

If you can’t make the meetings or whatever, I can always just meet you and we can talk about or test the track piece you’re building.


In Tiny Art Run, you drive a remote-controlled art transport box in a 1:10 scale. For the track there will be several premade sections on which students can build their world and they can also design completely individual sections.

The track starts at the “first moment you wanted to make art” and ends at “Tiny Art Basel.”

Visitors can design their own lettering on-site (or have it printed by the team) and stick it onto the box.

There are a total of four boxes, that can be driven simultaneously.
And there is a time tracking system and a scoreboard.

The Track

There are two options:
01 given track piece (about 120 cm x 40 cm)
02 custom track piece (this could be anything)

01 given track piece:
These are just quick CAD Drawings – if you have a better idea for the given track parts, please tell me about it.

02 custom track piece:
this could be anything. It can also be kinda hard to drive on, google “RC crawling track” for inspirations.

The Tiny Crate

The Tiny Crate is a 1:10 scale model of an actual art transport box that I built.

People will be able to customize the crate on site to have their personalized Tiny Art Run Experience.