Tiny Art Run


Carlo Zappella designed the remote controlled boxes and the aluminum track pieces and then made an open call at his art school, die Angewandte.

Tiny Art Run is an interactive group exhibition.

Visitors are invited to drive remote-controlled art transport boxes on a 1:10 scale track.

The track features multiple sections that have been designed by students from various departments of die Angewandte.

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey from “the initial spark that led them to pursue art”, to “Tiny Art Basel”. They will encounter all sorts of obstacles that will put their skills to the test.

Participating Artists

Isabella Pacher @pacher.isabella
Anna Carina Roth @annacarinaroth
Julia Reichmayr #juliareichmayr
Peter Walde @ptrwal
Sami Çiftçi @sami.elciftci
Theo @the_ooo22
Timna Lugstein @timna.lu
Matthias Köck @matthiaskoeck
Carlos Vergara @carlosvergaralab

Emma Kling @emma_kling

Freaky Green Fish @freakygreenfish

Maxi Kreuter @maxi.krter

Fabio Schumi @herrschumii
Max Kure & Leo Mühlfeld @gemeinde.bau
Tim Ficht @tim.ficht